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Workers' Compensation | Restaurant Franchise Insurance | Marsh  


Workers' compensation is typically a mandatory type of business insurance that protects employees who become injured or ill while on the job by providing medical coverage and income replacement. It also protects employers who are being sued by employees for workplace conditions that cause work related injury or illness.


The workers’ compensation environment is growing increasingly complex and challenging as new issues continue to arise. Prescription drugs, marijuana legalization, an aging workforce, and a stream of legal and regulatory changes are all contributing to more complex workers’ compensation claims and higher costs.


By combining proprietary data analytics and knowledge of the marketplace, we can help you improve and differentiate your risk profile, stay current on workers’ compensation issues, and reduce your total cost of risk.


Answers about the policy, including eligibility, options, enrollment, customer service and more.
  • What can workers' compensation do for my franchise?

    Workers' compensation not only offers valuable coverage for employees who are injured on the job or while performing work-related duties, it also protects your business! Workers' compensation can:


    • Pay for medical expenses.
    • Provide a portion of lost income.
    • Protect you from lawsuits filed by employees injured on the job.
  • Who is the insurer?

    Marsh Sponsored Programs is part of the National Owners Insurance Team (NOIT) Endorsed Workers' Compensation Program. Coverage will be placed through one of the participating insurers; Protective Insurance Company, GUARD Insurance Company, or Employers Preferred Insurance Company.  

  • Who is eligible and how do I apply?

    All US Franchisees are eligible for the program.

    Applying for coverage is easy! Contact an account manager today or apply through the program portal




  • Is there an installment plan available?

    Yes! Marsh has partnered with the participating insurers to provide financing options.


    Call 1-800-323-4195 to speak with an account manager about your options. 

Get A Handle On Premiums By Understanding Modification Factors

Your workers’ compensation policy is an experience rated policy. This means that if you have a good experience (i.e. fewer losses), you will pay less. However, the same is true when your claims increase – you pay more.