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Employment Practices Liability | Restaurant Franchise Insurance | Marsh  


Employment-related risks are among a franchise's most potentially damaging exposures, often centering around discrimination, sexual harassment or wrongful termination from a current, former, or prospective employee. Franchisees face potential damage from employment practices liability lawsuits, with consequences that could include financial disaster and/or irreparable damage to an organization’s reputation.

Companies of all sizes and industries have been affected by a surge in employment-related litigation and rising legal damage awards. The question is no longer if a franchise owner will face an employment practice liability claim, but rather, when it will, how much it will cost, and what damage it might cause.


Standard policies, procedures, and supervisory training are no longer enough to protect your franchise from the high costs of employment litigation.


What coverage is right for your franchise?

A Marsh account manager will help assess your business and recommend solutions for new and emerging risks you may face.


Answers about the policy, including eligibility, options, enrollment, customer service and more.
  • What types of claims or allegations could this policy cover?

    With employment practices insurance coverage, your franchise is protected against claims which may include allegations of:


    • Discrimination
    • Harassment (sexual or otherwise)
    • Failure to provide equal opportunity of employment
    • Wrongful termination 
    • Failure to employ or promote
    • Negligent evaluation
    • Libel, slander, or humiliation
    • Infliction of emotional distress
    • Wrongful failure to provide or enforce corporate policies
    • Violation of an employee’s civil rights
  • Is wage and hour coverage included?

    Yes! Wage and hour claims are a large and growing risk for franchises. In fact, one in every five cases the Department of Labor investigates regarding wage and hour claims is targeted at the restaurant industry. 


    Obtaining EPL coverage can help defend against these claims.

  • Will I have access to employment law help?

    Yes! Policyholders have unlimited access for employment-related questions to employment attorneys at LaPointe Law, P.C.  


    • Employment Law Helpline: 1-877-376-4100
  • How can I train employees on harassment and discrimination issues?

    Policyholders have access to an internet-based EEOC Compliance Training program. Training is interactive (compliant with California AB 1825) and provides managers/supervisors with “best practices” tools for effectively avoiding discrimination and harassment claims in the workplace. A separate training program is provided for non-managers on sexual harassment compliance and their own responsibilities in the workplace.

  • Who is the insurer?

    Marsh Sponsored Programs is an is part of the National Owners Insurance Team (NOIT) Endorsed 
    Employment Practices Liability Program. Coverage will be placed through the participating insurer, RSUI Indemnity Company (NY Insurer:  Landmark American Insurance Company).
  • Who is eligible and how do I apply?

    All US Franchisees are eligible for the program.

    Applying for coverage is easy! Contact an account manager today or apply through the program portal.

  • Is there an installment plan available?

    Yes! Marsh has partnered with AFCO to provide financing options.


    Call 1-800-323-4195 to speak with an account manager about your options.