About Us | Restaurant Franchise Insurance Program | Marsh

About Us | Restaurant Franchise Insurance Program | Marsh  

Restaurant Franchise Insurance Program



The Marsh | Restaurant Franchise Insurance Program is one of the longest-running Commercial Package Programs serving restaurant franchise Owner/Operators. That means you get the customized restaurant franchise insurance solutions you need — based on 30-plus years' of real-world experience gathered from actual claims data from thousands of franchise restaurants. 


 Marsh Sponsored Programs (MSP), a division of Marsh USA Inc. (Marsh), customizes the Marsh | Restaurant Franchise Insurance Program exclusively for restaurant franchise Owner/Operators. MSP has vast experience providing specialized insurance solutions to Owner/Operators in the restaurant industry.



You'll always have the opportunity to speak with a real person when calling our program. Our dedicated restaurant franchise service specialists and account managers are here to service your account, answer your questions, and provide solutions for new and emerging risks your franchise may face.



Our program will adapt and grow with your business to meet ever-changing needs. We have the flexibility to make continuous improvements and create program initiatives that can put money back into your pocket.



For more than 75 years, we have provided dedicated services to our clients — in many cases acting as an extension of their business objectives — earning their highest level of confidence. As a part of Marsh, a global leader in insurance solutions and risk management services, you can count on us to represent your interests in the marketplace, make sense of an increasingly complex world, and help turn risks into new opportunities for growth.

Why Marsh?

All Restaurant Franchise  Owner/Operators need business insurance, but how do you find the right mix for your business? At Marsh, we evaluate the risks you face in your specific line of work, then put together the right balance of coverages designed for your needs.